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"Watch Me Rise": A Story of Triumph | Trent Taylor

Trent Taylor experienced sexual abuse, neglect, and domestic violence during the first half of his childhood. He traveled a horrific journey through the foster care system until he was adopted at the age of 9. After healing from his traumatic past, Trent, who is now 21, has devoted his life to helping others overcome past trauma by providing hope. Trent, who could have easily become another statistic, became a published author after co-authoring his autobiography, "Shattered No More," about his time in foster care. Since that time, he has donated the proceeds of his book back to charity. In addition, he recently released his second book titled "Battling the Invisible Enemy" which was written for teens who have experienced trauma. Trent is also involved in foster care reform at the national level and hopes to positively impact the trajectory of the foster care system for the children and teens in care. He is currently pursuing his degree in clinical counseling and plans to become a trauma consultant, but has already studied trauma extensively through college coursework, outside training, and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Essentials course through the Christian Alliance for Orphans. He is also a practitioner in Trust-Based Relational Intervention through the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. Alongside his mom, who is also a practitioner, Trent considers it a blessing to serve families by showing them the true healing that is found in God. Trent also serves as co-founder and CEO for Watch Me Rise, which is a ministry devoted to working on behalf of children who have experienced trauma as he once did. Invite Trent to speak at your church, organization, or event, or for training, through his website!

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