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Saving Your Marriage When There is No Hope | Mariah Roehrenbeck

Mariah and her twin sister, Amanda, had dreams. They planned to attend Bible college after graduating from their Christian high school, then pursue ministry. But at 17 years old, Mariah became pregnant and those plans changed.

At age 18, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, then six months later she was married. Before long, her husband's career took him away from home all week while she was caring for children and battling depression. Alone, caring for three children, with no one to talk to, and drifting from God, Mariah was becoming desperate.

Her emotional needs were not being met. Then she began receiving the attention she desired. They began texting one another and she soon found herself in an extra-marital affair. Life was spinning out of control and divorce was inevitable.

Mariah and Amanda join us in Part 1 of this episode. They each discuss this story of a broken marriage, broken lives, and a broken family.

This episode is for anyone who thinks God cannot redeem them because of their past. Mariah's advice? Don't ever give up--there is Hope!

Watch Part 1 of this 2 Part episode at

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