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Ronnie "Rose" Kesner | From Occult to Jesus-Follower

He grew up with loving parents, but it was dysfunctional at best. By age 13 he was shooting up various drugs. His life was filled with occult practices and he worshipped satan. He couldn't stand the name of Jesus and resisted anyone who claimed to follow Christ. As his rap career began to rise, he had an encounter with God that would change his life. Ronnie Kesner joins us on the show to share his story of Hope and how God radically changed him. From instant deliverance from drug addiction to being completely sold out for Jesus Christ, Ronnie wants the world to know that God loves everyone and is calling everyone to repent and follow Him. Ronnie is a Christian rapper known as ReallyGood. He posts regularly on TikTok as @ReallyGood777 so be sure to follow him.

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