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Lana Silk | Transform Iran is Changing Lives

Transform Iran Is Changing Lives for Jesus Christ!

Lana Silk is the daughter of Lazarus and Maggie Yeghnazar who were born and raised in Iran and have served the Iranian Church their whole lives. In the late 1980s, they felt the call of God to move their young family West. This was a decision they wrestled with, as their hearts were tied to Iran and the increasingly persecuted Church there.

In their own words, “we did not want to abandon our flock”. However, through a series of supernatural interventions, God made it clear to them and to other pastors on their team that He had a different plan for them. In obedience, they left for Europe in 1988.

Today, their ministry "Transform Iran" (formerly 222 Ministries), has been training leaders to plant churches in 17 nations. Many of those churches are underground congregations in Iran and Afghanistan. Over 100,000 are now following Jesus Christ. They are also discipling these believers.

Lana joins Mike Stone on "Behind the Mike: Conversation of Hope" to talk about her life as an Iranian who left her homeland for Europe, and eventually the United States. Lana is the CEO of the U.S. for Transform Iran.

We discuss the negative perception that many Westerners, especially U.S. citizens, have against Iranians and others in the mid-East.

God has a plan for Iran and Lana and her team at Transform Iran are helping to spearhead this important transformation. Basic needs are being met while the people of Iran risk their lives to wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ.

You can be a part of the Ministry of Transform Iran! Listen as Lana shares her heart for spreading the Gospel to the people of Iran, then check out the important links below.

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