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Jimmy & Kelly Needham | "CLEARLY" Understanding the Bible

When is the last time you read the book of Obadiah, Joel, or Nahum in your Bible?

Jimmy & Kelly Needham want to dig into those lesser-read books with you. They believe the entire Bible has something to say to us in 2022.

I decided to meet up with them to find out for myself if this was really true. Is it possible that the Old Testament and those hard-to-understand scriptures were relevant to me today?

They suggested that the entire Old Testament actually points to the Jesus of the New Testament. Now I'm curious.

On their new podcast, "Clearly", they actually dig into some challenging passages and bring into focus those things that I often overlook or pass by--things like Malachi, and the doctrine of election. Say what?!

I invited Jimmy and Kelly on my show to talk about their new podcast and some new, upcoming projects that we'll see in 2023. I first met the Needhams during the adoption of their first son from India. They are a God-honoring couple who love the Lord and are actively serving Him through Bible-teaching, music, books, a podcast, and just simply loving people.

We had fun discussing some of the deep things in Scripture, about their podcast, their family, and even a couple of exciting new projects they both have that we'll see in 2023!

And yes, they convinced me that reading the ENTIRE Bible (not just the parts I like), would give me a much deeper understanding of who God is and what He desires from those of us who follow Him. Go figure! :) Be sure to listen to my Conversation of Hope with Jimmy & Kelly Needham, then find their podcast, CLEARLY, on your podcast app or on their YouTube channel. You won't be disappointed!

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