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"Finding My Words" with Dr. Mark McNear

In this powerful and personal talk, Dr. Mark McNear discusses the importance of finding and expressing our words after experiencing childhood trauma. Dr. McNear is a Clinical Social Worker and has worked with many people who have experienced trauma.

In this conversation, Dr. McNear will share his personal story of surviving childhood abuse and how it has shaped his life and work. He will talk about the importance of finding and sharing our words after trauma, and how this can help us heal and move on. This talk is perfect for anyone who has experienced trauma in their life and would like to learn more about healing and moving on.

His story includes sexual abuse from his father, a sense of abandonment, and addiction to drugs in his adult life to help numb the pain of his past trauma. At a young age, Mark's father threw him in the trash can and told him to stay there because he was nothing but trash. These and other experiences in Dr. McNear's childhood caused him to devalue himself and his life.

After months of in-patient rehab, Dr. McNear found that his healing began when he found the courage, in Jesus Christ, to share his story with others. This not only allowed the healing to begin in his own life, but it became a resource he uses today to help others heal.

As the healing continues for Dr. McNear, even today, he sees how God was always with him and never looked at him with anything but unconditional love.

Dr. McNear has recently written a book to share his story of trauma and ultimately healing. His book, "Finding My Words: A Ruthless Commitment to Healing Gently After Trauma" is available at the link below. Josh McDowell provides the foreword in Dr. McNear's book with high regard.

If you're struggling with trauma from your own childhood, or you know someone who is, this talk is for you. Dr. McNear approaches our conversation with a biblical worldview of trauma and how it affects our bodies, minds, and our spiritual being.


Dr. Mark McNear appeared on Behind the Mike: Conversations of Hope podcast with Mike Stone. This podcast is available on YouTube and on all podcast apps.

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