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Discernment: How To Hear From God's Voice

In the latest episode of our podcast (11/16/2023), we embark on an enlightening journey, exploring discernment in faith. The crux of the conversation revolves around distinguishing between God's messages and our own interpretations, and how to use this knowledge responsibly in decision-making. The podcast episode focuses on the accountability we hold for our choices, emphasizing the importance of discernment in every decision, especially when they culminate in challenging circumstances.

We further delve into the heart of the community's role in personal faith. The profound influence of scripture and Christian community is highlighted as essential aids, especially during turbulent times. We debunk the notion of God micro-managing us and encourage listeners to cultivate a deeply personal rapport with Him. As we navigate the risky game of misinterpreting God's will, the importance of distinguishing between the divine, self, and deception becomes glaringly clear.

We share personal anecdotes to illustrate how easily God's will can be misconstrued. For instance, one of the hosts shares his story of a young Christian man who mistakenly believed God told him to break up with his girlfriend. The story underscores the potential dangers of wrongly discerning God's will, and the importance of using the Bible as a foundation for our decisions.

In this context, we explore how the Holy Spirit's influence interacts with our human nature in discerning God's will. We emphasize the importance of understanding discernment and taking responsibility for the decisions we make, even if they result in difficult outcomes. The episode urges listeners to question the balance between the Holy Spirit's influence and our human nature in discerning God's will.

The episode also discusses the role of the community in personal faith. It underscores the importance of relying on scripture and Christian community for guidance. This conversation brings to the fore the dangers of being too individualistic in our faith journey, underlining the importance of seeking counsel and exercising discernment in community.

In conclusion, the episode emphasizes that discernment is not about seeking God's will in every single decision, but about understanding the principles He has given us through His word and using them to inform our decisions. It is about taking responsibility for our choices and being accountable for them, even when they lead to challenging circumstances. It encourages listeners to embark on this insightful discourse on discernment and decision-making within the framework of their spiritual lives. #discernment #howtoheargodsvoice #bible #christianpodcast #behindthemikepodcast

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