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God Has a Purpose, Even When He is Silent | Ed Grable

He felt unwanted, unloved, unvalued, and didn’t believe he had a purpose in life. Today’s guest is a friend whose story exemplifies the purpose of this podcast—Hope.

This episode is for anyone out there who has ever believed that they just didn’t measure up or fit in. Most of us have had experiences like that in our childhood, but it’s not just children who struggle with self-worth. As adults, we are supposed to have it all together, right? We can’t appear weak, uncertain, or that we don’t have a place in society.

The truth is, most of us have areas in our lives that we don’t want to talk about. Maybe it is secret sin or simply that we don’t want people to know the truth—that we really don’t have it all together. In fact, if we were honest some of us would say that our lives are spinning out of control. We may be on the brink of disaster, but for 90 minutes on Sunday mornings, we could be nominated for an Emmy by appearing “normal” at church. After all, as Christians, we are not allowed to have personal struggles.

You need to hear this…YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.

You are about to hear Ed’s story. It started as a young child but continued for much of his young life. He should not have had to endure it. Life should have been better. Maybe you can relate to Ed.

Ed Grable is the Connect Director at Gateway Church in Findlay, Ohio. He can look back as an adult and see that God had a plan even through the hurt and pain.

I’m thankful that Ed is willing to share his story so that others can have hope. What you are about to hear has been shared with only a handful of people, but Ed has changed lives and will continue to change lives for eternity because of the HOPE he has in Jesus.

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