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Dr. Christopher Yuan | Holy Sexuality

All that God has created is good. The enemy, however, twists and perverts all that God has created.

For decades, our culture has made sex to be anything but what God created it to be. With each generation, sexuality has become more about whatever we want it to be than what God intends it to be.

Dr. Christopher Yuan sat down with me to talk about "Holy Sexuality and the Gospel", which is the title of his most recent book.

Dr. Yuan is a speaker, author, Bible professor, and bearer of Christ. He travels the world with his mother, Angela, who co-authored his memoir, "Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope."

His story is one of a prodigal son living a party lifestyle of drugs, gay clubs, and agnosticism. Then the fervent prayers of his mother began to be answered.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Christopher Yuan, pick up a copy of his books, and visit his website to stay up to date with his ministry.


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