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Brandon Scott Joins Us on Behind the Mike | No Longer Defined by My 600-lb Life!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Most of us carry around the weight of burdens we are not meant to carry. Maybe it's our past, maybe it's our present circumstances. However, God provides freedom through Jesus Christ.

Maybe no one understands this better than Brandon Scott. While weighing nearly 700 pounds, Brandon watched the TLC series, "My 600-lb Life", not realizing that one day he would be on the show himself.

It was through the loving prompting from his girlfriend that made Brandon contact the show. His life was about to change. He had the gift of music but he was unable to walk from the church parking lot to the church building. His girlfriend had to drop him off at the church doors. How was he supposed to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer/songwriter?

Brandon's story will inspire anyone who has ever struggled with challenges that weigh us down and keep up from doing what God has called us to do!

Join us on Behind the Mike: Conversations of Hope to hear from Brandon as he shares his story! You might just get to hear Brandon perform on the show too!

More On Brandon:

Facebook: @Brandon Scott 600lb life

Instagram: @thereal_brandonscott

TikTok: @b.scottmusic

You can watch the entire interview with Brandon on our YouTube channel!

Contact Mike Stone at Behind the Mike: Conversations of Hope with comments, suggestions, or questions!

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