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"If your life is grounded in Jesus, even in the darkest times, there is HOPE."

We didn't set out to start a podcast. It was early in 2019 that my social media feed was being overloaded with friends across the nation who were going through some really difficult things. A "praying for you" emoji didn't seem to be enough. I wanted to remind them that there was hope--there is always HOPE.

The Christian podcast, "Behind the Mike" was re-launched in October 2023 with a new format and three hosts. Spiritual podcasts abound, but we take a biblical worldview and remain Christ-centered. We also want to provide tools for the Christian life, a Christian podcast for parenting, and stories that simply give Hope in Jesus.

What We Are About

Everyone has a story and sharing our stories with one another can be a great encouragement to those who are going through or may have gone through. This Christian podcast shares Hope.


In past episodes, we have discussed anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, infertility, adoption, purpose, addiction, fear, abortion, pornography, perseverance, death & loss, medical challenges, redemption, job/life balance, worship, despair, and more. We've just scratched the surface of conversations we want to have. Subscribe, share & review the podcast to help us share HOPE in our world.

The Hosts

Dave Revnak photo

Dave Revnak

Host / Pastor

Dewey Harris photo

Dewey Harris

Host / Pastor

Mike Stone photo

Mike Stone

Host / Creator

Help Grow the Show!

Guests on Our Show:

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